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Today I plan to break through some barriers and perhaps start you thinking differently about a very amazing part of a women’s body.


The Vagina.


For the gentlemen who are reading this blog, please continue. Your life began with a vagina, both at conception and most likely birth. If you are sexually active with your female partner, have any children, vaginas affect you in life giving ways on a regular basis.


I wish I could tell you that most of us have a healthy view of a woman’s body whether we are male or female. The tragedy is that most of us don’t and truly didn’t receive adequate education about the beauty of a woman. And by adequate I mean how her body, mind and spirit work together, not simply how her body functions.


Many woman have a basic idea of how they themselves function during their monthly cycle. Now I’m not just speaking of the day you start bleeding or even the few days leading up to that that we refer to as Pre-Menstral Syndrome. I’m talking about the month as a whole; the 28 day cycle.

It’s lovely. Intricate. I bet you never thought of it that way.


I was introduced to an amazing book about 4 years ago called “Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” written by Dr. Christiane Northrup. It is my go-to book when I have a question about my body. It’s a really thick book packed with answers!


Husband’s and dad’s, there is most helpful info in the many pages of this book for you too which will assist you in supporting the women in your life.


We often assume that other people know more about their bodies than we do about our own or we feel shameful because we were misinformed.


To be honest, I have spent years relearning and educating myself as I received very little teaching in my earlier years. This subject and all that surrounds it was frightfully taboo. Most of my body, especially my internal sexual functioning remained a mystery.


So no matter what stage you are in life at this moment, dive in and start reading and exploring. Its truly fascinating learning about yourself…and your vagina!


Diva Cups. By now you must have figured out that they fit into your/a woman’s vagina. They are made of silicone and inserted during the menstrual cycle to collect the blood that is being eliminated by the body. When full, you take it out and empty it, rinse/wash it and re-insert. Comfortable. Discreet. Take it anywhere.

Super simple! (don’t worry, you’ll get over the “ick factor”, I promise)

Here’s why I love the Diva Cup:

-I can wear it longer than a tampon

-Good for heavy flow days and light flow days (no more taking out a dry tampon! Girlfriends, you know exactly what I’m talking about!)

-Go swimming, play sports, travel with ease

-Re-usable (saves me $$ and is gentle on the environment)

-No odor

-Eliminates risk of toxic shock syndrome


I have only given an introduction so head on over to the website to get some more amazing info: Diva Cup

Blessing your Body,

Cynthia Fehr

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