It’s here, right HERE that you cannot give up. It’s the fork in the road where you have to take another route; a path you’ve maybe never been on before, but you will have to risk it if you want to thrive and live a life of impact

Cynthia Fehr

Wave Warrior I


Mainstream parenting not really workin’ for ya? Then stick around cause you’re in for a treat!

How would it feel to know that you are surrounded by support and resources so you and your child could thrive?

I have pioneered a pathway from rage, violence and chaos to tremendous transformation of peace, kindness, unconditional love AND successful learning for a child who was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder and developmental delay.

And YOU are here because you are under the weighty pressure of raising your own challenging child.

There can be deep frustration and disappointment as we blindly raise our kids, but I want to help you find the JOY!

I want to help you show up on the hardest days.

It is soooo much easier doing this together with someone!

(closing the blinds, locking the door and pulling the covers over your head didn’t work for me either)

What you NEED is a place where you can reach out at anytime and someone is there to steady you on! A place where you can grow as a parent, so the impossibilities become POSSIBLE and the dark days become BRIGHT again!

Be fully supported in a private Facebook group where you will find stories to encourage you so you no longer feel alone.

  • Discover new friendships with other moms facing some of the same struggles.
  • Be challenged and cheered on to persevere.
  • Process through stress & anxiety-for you and your child.
  • Marriage…How to keep loving, laughing, and be a strong team together.
  • Learn how to Connect without Compliance
  • 2 Private 1 hour sessions via Zoom
    PLUS Private Facebook Group

    Let’s take a walk together. You can feel free to speak openly about the depth of how much you love your child, and how hard they are to raise. I will help you untangle the mess of overwhelm as together we lay down a new path of solid stepping stones that will give you a sure footing and build YOUR BRAVE ! 

    Restoration and your connection with your child is just around the corner!



Wave Warrior II

 I will be connecting with you VIA Zoom and within a PRIVATE Facebook group with videos, blogs, teachings and mentor-ship from my own experiences that were life-changing for me as a mother AND completely changed my relationship with my son —– from where I felt like I was spiraling out of control to where a solid foundation of love, trust and hope is strong every single day! 

  • 4 Private 1 hours sessions via Zoom + private Facebook group
  • Mentor-ship, teachings and worksheets that will help transform your connection with your child
  • Guidance unique for parents of kids with invisible difficulties and disabilities
  • Personal stories of being in the line of fire as well as moments of utter calm & joy
  • NO MORE divided mind! Be confident in the decisions and in the future for your child as you march past fear!      Defeat, disaster, disappointment of trying to raise a challenging child can all be in the past! Are you ready to wake up to a NEW reality?

    Right now you already have what’s needed inside of you to create the connection you so desire to have with your child and I want to help you uncover that so that you too can fight for future memories and abundant smiles! 

Get started with me today! (you can always book a complimentary call with me (above) to be sure this is right for you)



the Wave warrior Group sessions

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i am here to support you

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i love making an impact

Well done, mama. Well done. This is a balm to a mother’s heart. I am proud of you. Thank you for sharing. xxoo
Shyloe | Transformational Life Coach & Speaker, Plan For Joy

I love this lady. She’s honest, pure, big hearted, but has this old soul too.
Melissa | Independant Consultant, ENJO

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