You desire work that is meaningful, something that makes a valuable contribution to our world. You are curious and therefore research and are open to new ideas and philosophies. You are not afraid to be ‘other stream’ rather than mainstream and speak out about it. Well, if you are nervous you do it anyways and that shows true courage.
Shon | Whitemud Clay Pottery, Saskatchewan Canada

I love this lady. She’s honest, pure, big hearted, but has this old soul too.
Melisssa | Independant Consultant, Alberta Canada

Well done, mama. Well done. This is a balm to a mother’s heart. I am proud of you. Thank you for sharing. xxoo
Shyloe | Transformational Life Coach & Speaker, British Columbia Canada

I was lucky enough to have had some wonderful chats with Cynthia over coffee, in person while her and her family were living in our end of the country for a short time.

We clearly had a connection enough to chat for hours about kids, food, travels, life and really pretty much anything under the sun. I always found during our visits and chats that I would inadvertently learn about green products that I didn’t know about!

I also love green products, but Cynthia’s clear eagerness to constantly be learning more and more ways to be green was always evident. I think my favourite products she has introduced me to is the Enjo line. I use the face cloths every single day and honestly don’t really know what I did before I had them.

Cynthia is still without a doubt the first person I go to when I’m looking for information on any green products or healthy eating or living. Especially when it came time to help my son with his diet for attention and behaviour problems, she really had great input. I really miss our coffee chats in person, but thankfully I get to keep in touch with her still face to face thanks to technology!

Lisa | New Brunswick, Canada

I absolutely love reading your pieces Cynthia. Although I almost always cry, you speak to my heart in so many ways, as I’m sure you do for many others. You have a gift, thank you for sharing your gift.
Joellen | New Brunswick Canada

I love your honesty and your loving heart.  I feel so much closer to you…I am thankful our paths have crossed.
Melynda | Alberta Canada

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