is a life of calm really possible?


 Whether you have an official diagnosis or not, the wear and tear of an inflexible, challenging, anxious child can leave you and your family in what feels like a pile of dry bones.

 So how does one not curl up in a fetal position, feeling old beyond your years and completely depleted?

 Is it easier to just pack it all in and say “Well I guess this is all there is then?”

 It’s not easier. Trust me, I tried it. 

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“Breakthrough is in the making…pressing onward we find the gift.” Cynthia Fehr


How do you press onward when everything is pushing even harder back at you? What is the next step?

Let me help you…

What you need right now on the trail is someone to “Call back” to you. To let you know what’s happening and where you are on the map.

Then in the fog when you can barely see, you call to me and you will have ME as a cheerleader through each step ahead, spurring you to keeping one foot strong on the path and one foot steadily moving forward.

“We may weep through the night, but at daybreak it will turn into shouts of ecstatic joy.”

Stay the journey and you will have your life back. I prayed for this very thing in the dark hours of the night when it seemed IMPOSSIBLE.

“Could I really risk believing that?” you ask.

You have to.


It will be BIG. It will be RISKY.

It will be EPIC.



our story…

The days were never-ending. From sun-up to sundown we were on high alert as a violent eruption could happen with our son at anytime, sometimes lasting for hours. From scratching, to spitting, kicking, punching, to jumping out of moving vehicles, we endured it all. 

Constantly living in survival mode, we felt isolated, drifting in a land we couldn’t seem to get out of and we didn’t know anyone who was experiencing the same difficulties. 

We wondered about the future and what would happen when our son grew up. The thought of him being bigger and stronger every year if the meltdowns continued made me fear him ending up in jail. But it all felt out of control. Just when we thought we found something that worked, we were just as quickly back to square one.

I yelled. I restrained. I pushed back. I slammed doors. I was embarrassed in public.

I read through books and a gazillion articles and it only exhausted me more. I didn’t want anymore advice, but was still searching for answers—to me there was such a big difference. 

The first one meant that I was profusely failing; everyone had an idea of what to do and I was stupid and couldn’t see it.

The latter meant hope. It meant there was a way forward. Something I could grab hold of and keep afloat till I learned to navigate my way through.

“No matter how alone you’ve felt in the past or feel in the present, it’s time for a new light to shine on your path beginning TODAY!.”

Cynthia Fehr

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here’s what the tribe says

I love this lady. She’s honest, pure, big hearted, but has this old soul too.
Melissa | Independant Consultant, ENJO

Well done, mama. Well done. This is a balm to a mother’s heart. I am proud of you. Thank you for sharing. xxoo
Shyloe| Transformational Life Coach & Speaker, Plan For Joy

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