I am by far stretched- more than I ever thought possible…beyond and then beyond some more. So much so that I cannot see what used to be the borders of my comfort zone.   They are so behind in the distance through valley and forest that I don’t believe I could find them anymore.   Not that I want to because to go back means living inside a small mindset that I’ve outgrown entirely. I’ve said Yes to more. More nature, bigger dreams, more growth, change beyond anything familiar. I’ve said Yes to letting go, living lightly but more generously. I’ve taken steps forward believing for what’s coming next, but not seeing it first. It’s here that I’m scared. I do not feel alone, but I have few answers. It’s a lot of waiting and process. Both are painful. Both are necessary. No silver platter here. No buffet or feast. This journey has pounded my faith like ocean waves on glass. Ah sea glass! How exquisite you are! Of course, of course! That’s the answer! As I walk along the beach and see the twinkling piece of glass treasures in the sand, I immediately dive to pick it up and add it to my albeit small collection. I’ve met very few people (only one actually) who have an abundance of sea glass so I imagine its safe to say its pretty rare to have bowls full. I spent hours walking the beach to find three tiny pieces! And it was my seasoned beach walking friend who spotted two of those gems! This coloured glass is sought after and loved by its finders for the smooth texture and muted hues. But its beginning was sharp and much too jagged to be enjoyed by anyone. It was broken. And I wonder how deep it had to go, how long it spent in the dark abyss of unfamiliar waters? How it was swept in the currents and maybe mistakenly swallowed by a fish? How many endless hours it was rolled and tossed by the wild waves and polished by the surrounding sand? Could be years, maybe even decades lost at sea. However, I do know what its like when its found… Stunning and adorned. It gets a new name…Sea Glass.

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