I walked in the rain today.

The pouring rain.

Had the trail nearly all to myself.

The water made it’s way through the seams of my coat, soaked the fronts of my pants and dripped off my hood onto my face.

The joggers that did pass me seemed as delighted as I was, splashing through puddles, listening to the rolling thunder around us.

This was not a typical prairie rain. More like what you’d experience on the West or East Coast of Canada.

The smell of sage took me back in time and the tears mixed with the rain on my cheeks.

I grieved all that I’ve lost. All the things I thought would happen but didn’t. the goodbye’s I’ve said and those I didn’t get to say.

I rejoiced over what I do have and dreamed of the more that’s coming.

“Happiness is hiking boots and a trail.” Cynthia Fehr

And being on the trail often brings healing.

Cynthia Fehr

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