If you haven’t already tried it, you must!   Escape from your clothes, free your peaches, and begin cleaning your house. I clean naked all the time!   I envy you country-dwellers who have no worries of peepers, however I’d like to keep my neighborhood interactions comfortable so I prefer to draw the blinds.   The best place to start is in the bathroom. You’re naked in there everyday so it removes the initial awkwardness.   I clean the shower and tub while I’m IN the shower. Either before I shampoo and wash my body or after, it doesn’t matter. But if you’re wanting to save a bit of time and water, you can scrub the shower surfaces during your facial mask or hair conditioning treatment….. You’ve gotta wait anyway!   So now that you are totally exposed (and so is my secret! Lol), you might be wondering “What about my cleaning product coming in contact with my skin?’   Here’s where I’ve got you covered!   ENJO cleaning fibre’s are the perfect solution!   They take care of the dirty work and all they need is water.   So party on in your Birthday suit because you will want to celebrate cleaning day!   Ditch the chemicals (too many nasty side effects)   Save a CRAZY amount of money ( 1 ENJO Glove = 30 bottles of cleaning products!)   Spend TIME doing all those other things you’d rather be doing!   These colorful fibres clean 6X better compared to other conventional methods, and they protect the surfaces of your home too. Did I mention that they get recycled when they retire? No more STUFF in the landfill!   NO germs, NO residue, NO chemicals.   I am so impressed with this company and I LOVE their products!   ENJO is the leader NOW and for the future in how we clean and protect our AMAZING planet.   Their goal is for everyone to have a healthy home. I think we can ALL agree with that.        

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