No school today so I’m in my jammies drinking coffee instead of packing lunches. A bit of snow on its way, and even though we had every intention to take down the trampoline, there it sits like a cupcake dusted in powdered sugar out in the yard.


I drink deeply of the misty view this mornings first light. Every tree still and bare, allowing winter to put them to sleep.

A few days ago I made a quick evening grocery run and after deciding on the largest of the 3 carts (shopping when hungry again :P) I proceeded to the natural food section. I love shopping with my family, but grocery shopping alone has some major benefits. One being the quiet. You can make better food choices when young ones (and husbands) aren’t begging for sugar and carb-loaded snacks, simply because you yourself are already having a difficult enough time passing them by. And I can concentrate on reading labels and viewing the ‘dirty dozen’ list on my new phone app when I don’t have ninja moves flying in my face. It also gives me the freedom to browse new food ideas that I’d like to add into our world of eating to nourish instead of just plain old mindless eating. Time and quiet are both needed for me to facilitate creativeness.


Then there is the music. Maybe it’s all a marketing scheme to get me to stay longer in one aisle too busy humming and swinging my hips to focus on my list. But I love the music!

I remember one grocery trip a couple of years ago while choosing veggies for a juice recipe when a great song from the movie “Flash Dance” came over the speakers. The rhythm won over my body and my lips and before I knew it I was intoxicated with the music. After a few moments I came to, awakening to the fact that I was fondling apples and boppin’ my booty in a public place!

I embarrassingly scanned the produce department to see who might have witnessed my daydream dancing. Guess what?? Nearly every other woman was moving her lovely being and mouthing the words too! (That’s right, I saw you!) I smiled and giggled and joined right back in with the produce music party.


Coming back to my recent experience of late night shopping, the music again surprised me. A woman coming towards me was dancing behind her cart with her friend alongside. I couldn’t hear her voice but I noticed her lips and they were following the tune I could barely hear. But the closer she got the more I could make out and I stopped my cart in disbelief. “Christmas music? Already?” I said to myself. The grocery cart singing and dancing star passed me and waved with and enthusiastic “Merry Christmas!”


Just like that, the season calls me to be present. Through nature that surrounds and the people that greet me, I am beckoned into the magic that bestows itself.


You may hear folks grumbling “I hate winter!” or “There’s nothing to like about winter.”

This attitude is as contagious as the flu when the temperature starts to drop. But you won’t find a vaccine for this virus.


Instead, allow winter to romance you with its early colorful sunset display. The delight of a cozy fire with good friends. Your favorite slippers and cup of coffee. Uniquely crafted snowflakes falling so slowly you can feel them brush against your cheek.


Here’s a peek into my journal entry from about a year ago:


“Take a look at the setting in which your story begins this day. The trees adorned in abundance with the finest of crystals.

The brilliant sun takes care not to melt the details that exquisitely decorate the earth.

Do you see the wooing? Do you sense the romance awakening desires that were once frozen within you?

How can winter feel so warm?”


Cynthia Fehr

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