Depending on how many persons reside in your home, you many or may not have laundry up to your eye balls.

Call me crazy, but out of all household duties laundry is my favourite. Mind you, it wouldn’t be if I had to wash a weeks worth of clothes by hand. Thankfully that’s a thing of the past; even our dainties can go in the tub on the delicate cycle.


My favorite part is hanging the wash on an outside clothesline. Nostalgic, romantic, therapeutic, I can’t decide. I just love it!


Maybe it makes me feel powerful in my house dress as I harness the sun’s energy.


What I do know is that the clothes dry faster and for free and usually without wrinkles. ( I don’t own an iron anymore)


During our year long stay in New Brunswick we noticed most everyone hangs out their laundry. They take great pride in it too, carefully pinning like items together from large to small, starting with sheets and moving on. Like an art really.


I personally prefer a clothesline to an umbrella, collapsible type. However, I have used both and each serves the purpose equally well.


Outdoor winter line drying is popular with some, but I’ve never done it myself. I do use a wooden clothes rack indoors and a hanging clothes pin contraption for underclothes and smaller items.


For the past 4 years I have put Soap Nuts to the test with the dirty clothes of 2 active boys, my husbands work clothes, and my own.


The idea of using a washing product other than the mainstream brands is a new concept indeed.


“Do you use powder or liquid?” is the usual question and that’s about as far as we venture.


So let’s explore another option today, by looking at how a ‘berry’ from a tree could get your clothes clean.


That’s right, they really aren’t a ‘nut’ at all. Soap Nuts are like a fruit from a plant that is picked and dried in the sun and can by used in a number of different ways (mentioned later).


In the Washing Machine:

Place 4-5 soap nuts in a small muslin bag and throw IN a top or front load washing machine along with your clothes. Warm water is best with whole shells.


*Safe for High Efficiency as they produce very little suds.

Trust me, I’ve used them in my HE for years with amazing results.



Alternatively, you can make a soap nuts liquid concentrate.


Boil 12-15 soap nuts in 6 cups of water for 30 minutes. Start on medium heat so they don’t boil over because they suds slightly when heated.

*you need about 3 Tbsp of this liquid concentrate for each Med-Lg load of laundry.

The liquid is wonderful for all temperature washes.


Other uses:

Soak and clean my jewelry.

Soak and wash my fruits and veggies (ie. Grapes, broccoli).


If you are concerned that there is ‘no smell’ to your clothes, have no fear because you will get used to it and love it!


Here’s why:

So many places you visit like clinics, hospitals, offices, schools are scent free, so this is most helpful to everyone.


‘No smell’ means that there is no odor left in your clothes either, The scent (chemicals) added to other commercial brands of laundry soap is there to mask remaining odors. So ‘no smell’ + no harmful chemicals.


Save money.

A large bag of soap nuts lasts our family of four for at least a year. Those little berries can take on 300 loads per box for under 50$!

That alone is happy dance worthy!


Save even more money!’


Because…are you ready for this one?


Soap nuts keep your clothes soft.

You won’t need fabric softener or dryer sheets. Hallelujah!


This benefit alone will reduce any asthma or skin irritations and will keep your machines in better working order. Your pipes and your plumber will thank you!

Did you know that fabric softener and fabric dryer sheets can alter the sensor in your clothes dryer after just a short time?

So will the creatures that depend on our water ways because the additives in these toxic products always make their way into the world and negatively affect the community and fresh air around us.


For those of you with septic tanks, be prepared to empty your tanks less often. There will be no unnecessary sludge from laundry water continually filling your sewer tank. Bonus!


We are on our 6th year of using Soap Nuts exclusively with no thoughts of ever switching.


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