When is the last time someone actually “got” what you are going through with your child?

(You and I could spend hours swapping stories and tears and laughter!)

Meltdowns are like an explosion with such intensity that you hardly have time to prepare.

Does it feel sometimes all your efforts end up in a heap on the floor just like your child?

When the aftermath and your feeling of helplessness collide, does a vortex of rage emerge out of you and you can’t explain why?

All we know is we want to help our kid and now everything feels out of control.

I have been in this very place hundreds of times and the harder I tried to get out of this cycle, the worse it became and the bigger and stronger my son grew.

The real truth is that meltdowns and days of disaster can happen no matter how hard we try to avoid them.

We tried and tried to figure out what in the world could have caused our son to collapse and erupt in all out war. Just when my husband and I thought something worked…like maybe for a week…we’d be thrown right back to putting our heads together in frustrated burnout. 

After a decade of umpteen-thousands of trial and errors we paved a pathway of what became our anchor points. These are the MOST hopefilled strategies and examples and I am bursting to share them with you!


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♥ Learn how to stay calm even in the tension

♥ Be confident that what you are doing is working

♥ The secret to making transitions easier

♥ How to feel more in control when everything is out of control


How would you like an insider’s pass into real life meltdowns?

-What worked

-What didn’t

and how we survived through it all…

You’ll even get to go deep into my personal journal!