Are you are dealing with monster-sized meltdowns multiple times a day?

Does your child kick hit, spit and scratch during these eruptions?

Do they refuse to leave the house for school or simple errands?

Have you tried everything and nothing works?…. then this message is just for you.

Here’s why…

Whether you have a diagnosis or not, these behaviors can leave you and your family feeling alone and super-stressed.




Is it easier to just pack it all in and say “Well, I guess this is all there is then?”

It’s not easier. You’ve tried that too when you pulled the covers over your head wanting to give up.

You’ve read the books and a gazillion articles that only exhaust you more. The teachers are stumped because they don’t see these behaviors at school.

“What mom can’t help her child?”  you inwardly scream.

His clothes aren’t right, you said “No” to the video game or seemingly nothing happened at all and your child rages uncontrollably.

  • You carry a huge weight of guilt and embarrassment.
  • There is little to no warning for these eruptive behaviours.
  • You feel even worse for not being able to stay calm yourself.
  • You fear what will happen when they get bigger and stronger.
  • What worked one day doesn’t work the next.

And what happens if you just keep doing what you’ve been doing?

You live in a constant routine of cancellations and strained relationship.

Everyday you tread carefully hoping to avoid an explosion.

You are losing out on meaningful time with your other children and your husband.  


    I loved when my son would come running to me with his brilliant blue eyes. So much life in him. But the behaviors would steal so much. It was agony to watch him rage, flail, and then he would take it out on me. I wanted to help him.  In my frustration I yelled.  I slammed doors. I was embarrassed in public. Then I’d loathe myself.


    Pediatricians wanted to heavily medicate him. School counselor recommended restraint. I desperately searched for answers but all I got was advice from people who didn’t have a clue what I was going through.

    “Could someone please see how hard I was trying to help him?” We needed answers and a way out of survival mode. I so badly wanted to hug and comfort him and not have him push me away.

    One day I decided I couldn’t stay curled up in a fetal position any longer.

    I had to decide this every. single. day.


    Over the next while revelations started to come to me about how to listen to him even if he couldn’t say anything. I learned to hear what he couldn’t tell me in the middle of a rage.

    I had truly believed I had been fighting FOR him the best I knew how, but now I was learning to do it effectively. Together we turned frustration around and over time I learned to communicate with him without words.

    We shifted explosions into learning how to regulate the behaviors…at first with my help and then on his very own. He was finally able to respond with affection towards me; something he couldn’t do before.


    Through umpteen-thousands of trials and missteps we built a relationship of strong connection and communication.

     It’s Time For You To…

    Experience more peace in your home by learning unique strategies to rework the triggers that cause tension between you and your child.

    Discover how everything you need to bravely raise your challenging child is inside of you and inside of them, PLUS the secrets to uncovering these gems.

    How to maintain strength and calmness on really hard days

    Have better days, better nights.

    Enjoy meaningful time with your husband, other children and time just for YOU!

    Over a decade ago I was living in defeat and disappointment of trying to help my son with a diagnosis of aspergers, sensory processing disorder and developmental delay. Today we enjoy a connection I once only dreamed of. There was (and still is) a brilliance in him, I just had to go find it.

    Calm Raging Waters Academy is where we provide solutions that trump mainstream. The framework is based on our story and journey of living in a constant dread to experiencing utter calm and joy.

    Stay the journey with me and you will have your life back. Watch impossibilities become POSSIBLE.



    “Could I really risk believing that?” you ask.

    You have to.

    “We may weep through the night, but at daybreak it will turn into shouts of ecstatic joy”

    It Worked For These People, And It Will Work For You

    Parents do yourself the biggest favor and learn from Cynthia. She is the most knowledgeable, compassionate soul you will ever meet and so passionate about helping families. I had the privilege of working with her and in a very short time she was able to help! I keep her in my back pocket.

    Jenne Todd

    Shift Collective

    I was lucky enough to have some wonderful chats with Cynthia over coffee. We clearly had a connection enough to chat for hours about kids, food, travels, life and pretty much anything under the sun. Cynthia is still without a doubt the first person I go to…especially when it came time to help my son with attention and behaviour problems, she really had great input. I am thankful I get to keep in touch with her.

    Lisa Wilkins

    Well done mama. Well done. This is a balm to a mother’s heart. Thank you for sharing.

    Shyloe Fayad

    I absolutely love reading your pieces Cynthia. Although I almost always cry, you speak to my heart in so many ways, as I’m sure you do for many others. You have a gift, thank you for sharing your gift.


    I love your honesty and your loving heart. I feel so much closer to you…I am thankful our paths have crossed.

    Melynda Harrison

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    I Want You To Think Back…

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